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Why Do We Need Shot in the Gas?

Problems that Affect Everyone About Vehicles
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Stricter emission requirements
  • Increased ground level ozone
  • Increased respiratory health risks
  • High fuel prices at the pump
    • Increased taxes
    • Government regulations
  • Less effective fuel blends
    • Ultra low sulfur diesel
    • Ethanol blends
    • Contaminated fuel
We now have a way to help with all of these problems and more, thanks to "Shot-In-The-Gas"!
Check Out Our
User Testimonials!


“I put the first two tablets in a tank of gas, pulled out on a 4-lane state highway, set my cruise at 60, and watched my Chrysler Town and Country Van go up almost 30 mpg in 5 miles. Normally, I'm lucky to get 22-23 mpg. I'm blown away!”

- Paul Morrow

"Shot-In-The-Gas" Allows for Guilt Free Driving!

"Shot-In-The-Gas" is a remarkable product that burns fuel more efficiently, reducing harmful NOx emissions by up to 60% or higher, while at the same time decreasing the rate that fuel is consumed.
  • Developed and used since the 1970s
  • State-of-the-art nanotechnology
  • Reformulated into a tablet
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Produced in an EPA-registered manufacturing facility
  • Approved for use in all fuel, ethanol blends, and diesel-powered vehicles
  • Composed of 100% organic active ingredients with no diluents or fillers
  • Fast, easy, and it works!

“Our son was sharing with me this morning a situation that took place at a local Nissan dealership where one of his good friends works.  The dealership had an 88 Nissan 3.0L V 6 engine in the shop as the customer had taken it in for emissions testing and it failed.  Two mechanics were doing all they could to make adjustments but could not attain emission specs on their equipment.  They asked our son’s friend to see if he could make any additional adjustments.  Well, he told them he had an idea as he uses Shot In The Gas in the tablet form.  Terrance dropped a  tab into the tank, added a gallon of fuel to speed up the process and within 10 minutes they did another check and it “passed” well below specs.  The readings dropped well over 75% and certainly enough to pass emissions testing.”

- Terrance

"Shot-In-The-Gas" Helps Reduce And Slow Global Warming And Climate Change


“I recently struggled with the purchase of a new vehicle.  As a physician, I was looking for something reliable in all types of weather.  As a human being, I was looking for something that was environmentally friendly as well as financially friendly at the gas pump.  Your product, Shot in the Gas, has allowed me to have the best of both worlds.  Thanks so much!!!

- Dr. Maurice Oelklaus

It Just Keeps Getting Better!


A by product of exhaust pollutants known as NOx gets trapped in the atmosphere. A chemical reaction occurs between oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the presence of sunlight. Exhaust increases the amount of NOx and VOCs spilled into our atmosphere, which creates SMOG and GROUND LEVEL POLLUTION. Global warming/climate change is in the news now more than ever. 
  What needs to be in the news is the very dangerous depletion of our oxygen levels in our atmosphere.  Before the industrial revolution, when you took a breath into your lungs, 42% of the air was oxygen. There were also other gases like methane, carbon dioxide, helium.
  Fast-forward to today, now same breath only 21% is oxygen.  While normal atmosphere contains between 20.8 and 21 percent oxygen, OSHA defines oxygen deficiency as any atmosphere that contains less than 19.5 percent oxygen, and oxygen enriched as any atmosphere that contains more than 22 percent.  We are out of time.  Nine years is what all the experts are telling us as far as slowing this to the point of survival.
Learn all the ways we help the environment and our world keep running at AdvanceGreenEnergy.Us 

By the way - as you know, I drive the same road between PA and Indiana constantly.  Before I used Shot in the Gas, I averaged 22 miles per gallon highway (over 280 miles).  I now average 27 MPG.  That's a 22% increase.  The last time I went home I averaged 30 MPG.  That's a 36% increase!



David J. Bosko

Chief Financial Officer

Advance Green Energy, Inc.

As you know I farm. I Travel several thousands of miles in a semi every year hauling grain.
Mike told me to try this product the last time we was together.
I have a 2007 freightliner century classic I was averaging 4 to 7 mpg  along with having to downshift 2 to 3 gears on big hills on the parkway hitting them running 85 mph. Now I average 8.4 to 12.6 mpg. I can hit the hills without a run cruise set at 72 and never downshift without lugging the truck down.
We have also started running it in our farm fuel tanks. This year we was burning 500 gallons every 2 days in our row crop tractors. After I started using the treatment we now burn 250 to 300 gallons a day.
This has been a major change for the better to our fuel expenses.

I have been so impressed with this additive I have put together a trial for people in my area to try it on me.

Anthony Rose
Rose Grain Farms
Senior Field Consultant 
Advance Green Energy

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