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Our "Shot-In-The-Gas" product comes in two different ways. 


We recommend our TABLETS if you are driving/operating a Gasoline powered vehicle (car, light truck, motorcycle, boat, power generator). They are easy to use, no spilling, easy to store, and breaks into smaller pieces.

We recommend our LIQUID for Diesel powered vehicles, such as large trucks, over the road larger diesel powered vehicles, and off road equipment. It comes in a conveniently measured 2 ounce bottle!

SITG Liquid.jpg

With our Shot in the Gas continuity plan, you can let us know how many tanks of fuel on average you buy for your household per month.  With this information downloaded into our continuity plan, we will automatically ship your agreed upon amount of product each and every month billed automatically to the card you have on file. This way you will never run out of Shot In The Gas for your vehicle!


Your first order of Shot In The Gas will contain 5 tablets, each tablet will treat up to 20 gallons of gas. Use our promo code FREETRIAL  and receive your first shipment of Shot In The Gas free, just pay shipping and handling. All reorders retail for only $1.59 per tablet a very economical way to add up to 100 extra miles per tank full.

Shot in the Gas
On average, how many tanks of fuel do you buy your household per month?

Shipping and Handling $7.95

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