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Our Pledge to You

By putting one tablet or one shot of "Shot-In-The-Gas" to every 20 gallons of fuel in your tank, we can help the following:
  • Stop having to buy high octane fuel (saves you 30-45 cents alone per gallon)

  • Improve your gas mileage by up to 15-20%

  • Boost your horse power

  • Reduce up to 60% of air pollutants from your own exhaust


"Shot-In-The-Gas" Helps Two Major World Problems:

The HIGH Cost of Fuel
Shot in the Gas increases the miles per tank full by up to an estimated 75-100 miles or more, depending on how you drive.  Some people feel the additional horsepower and enjoy it a little too much, this type of driving will NOT increase your miles per tank full.  But if you drive like you always do "Shot-In-The-Gas" will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your fuel use. Trucking fleets will see this type of savings, and in the trucking industry one mile per gallon savings, can be the reason you keep your doors open in this day and age!

Our product will not hurt your engine and will not void any warranty

Global Warming from Air Pollutants
By reducing tail-pipe emissions "Shot-In-The-Gas" will decrease harmful pollutants emitted from vehicles up to 60%.   We all saw the difference in the very blue clearing skies when we were all locked in for 45 days with the pandemic and NOT using cars, trucks, trains, boats, heavy equipment, or any and all fossil fuel powered equipment. By using "Shot-In-The-Gas", with your participation, the skies will clear again. Just drop a tablet in every tank full, and start enjoying the savings while making a difference in the air pollution problem.  Don't be one of those people that just sit and watch TV and think to yourself...
"We truly need to do something to stop this global warming before it's to late."
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