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How Shot in the Gas Works

Simply put Shot in the Gas™ Liquid or Tablets in your fuel tank.

  • The fuel carries the ingredients to the combustion chamber.
  • The heat from the engine activates the ingredients.
  • The ingredients form a thin coating over the metal surfaces of the engine increasing the flash point of the fuel, accelerating the combustion.
  • This accelerations causes:
    • The burn to complete in the combustion chamber itself.
    • An increase in the efficiency of the engine, both in mileage and horsepower which:
      • Yields better performance.
      • Better gas mileage.
      • Fewer emissions.

Additional information:  When you use Shot in the Gas™ products, the charge is shaped better as more of the heat expansion in the area is used to get a better charge.   If you look into the combustion chamber, you can see that the flame changes from a yellow orange color to a blue, shortening the flame.
Without Shot in the Gas™, the combustion cycle does not complete the combustion in the combustion chamber.
In fact, if you take the exhaust manifold off of most internal combustion engines, you will see fire exiting the exhaust system during the exhaust cycle.
If you have ever watched a drag race, you have probably seen fire shooting out the tail pipes or the exhaust.  This is an example of a second burn in the exhaust cycle.
Shot in the Gas™ does not allow as much heat to exit the exhaust.  The exhaust temperature goes down.