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Shot In the Gas Customer Testimonials

6-23-08 - Ricky D. from Jacksonville owns a 10-wheel Peterbilt dump truck with 2-50 gallon saddle tanks.

Ricky hauls dirt to a landfill to cover garbage.  He hauls the same amount of dirt and goes the same amount of miles each trip.  Each round trip is 18 miles.

Hauled 8 loads on June 14

Went 144 miles on 27 gallons of fuel.   5.3 mpg

Hauled 10 loads on June 21

Went 180 miles on 27 gallons of fuel.   6.7 mpg

Increase of 1.4 mpg


6-11-08 - A gentleman from Atlanta got 204 miles per tank of fuel in his 2000 Acura RL.   He used another company's product and increased his miles per tank by 50 miles to 254.  With this product, he increased his miles per tank ANOTHER 47 MILES to 301 miles.


6-6-08 - An independent trucker in Jacksonville, who drives a 1999 Mack, increased his miles per gallon from 5.7 to 7.2.  That is an increase of over 26 %.  This is exceptional.


6-01-08 - Ellen from Jacksonville has been using another company’s product in her 2003 Toyota Camry for the past 18 months.  She had increased her overall mpg with this product.

City mileage no product: 21 mpg

Highway mileage no product: 29 mpg

City mileage with product: 27 mpg

Highway mileage with product: 34 mpg

Average mpg without product:  25       Average mpg with product: 30.5

Tank size: 18 ½ gallons x 5.5 extra mpg = 102 extra miles per tank of gas.


6-13-08 – Kenneth, from Tampa, refuels every Saturday morning at the same gas station before going to play golf.  He called and said, “It’s Friday night and I have almost ½ a tank of gas left.  I usually only have a ¼ a tank.”  

6-24-08 UPDATE:  Kenneth is now getting 31.797 MPG, all city driving.  He sat in a traffic jam for 30 minutes with the motor and air running and still got this MPG. The specifications on his car state it should get 25 mpg in city traffic.

6- 19-08 - Mike in Clearwater drives a 2003 Lincoln Navigator.  His was getting 12 to 12.5 MPG highway driving.  He is now getting 19.3 MPG.  His was getting an average MPG of 9 to 11.  He is now getting 14.8.