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Welcome to Shot In The Gas™

Shot in the Gas™ is a publicly owned company with strong belief in producing and delivering high quality products to their customers. Our products offer all drivers top products that significantly lower gas consumption and gas emissions. We focus our goal to help drivers save gas money, and our fuel additive has been tested and proven to work on the widest range of automobiles.

We provide drivers with cutting edge products that lower gas consumption, therefore lower fuel cost, gas emissions in the atmosphere and, in the long run, positively affect global warming.

Millions of miles tested our product and demonstrated that our combustion catalyst drastically improves fuel economy, performance, and reduces harmful emissions in gasoline and diesel vehicles. Our products acquired EPA registration and proved themselves 100% environmentally friendly. Shot in the Gas™ products WILL NOT harm engines, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors or void vehicle warranties.

Save on Fuel Today

  • Get more miles from every gallon of fuel, up to 15% and more
  • Reduce harmful emissions up to 60%

Works with all types of fuel!

  • Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol-Gasoline blends
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Enhances overall engine performance
  • Increases power

Works with all engine types and sizes

Used in: Marine-Auto-Trucks-Generators-Construction