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Frequently asked questions

Q. What are Shot in the Gas™ Tablets?
A. Shot in the Gas™ tablets are exclusive combustion chamber catalysts that increase the speed at which fuel burns in the combustion chamber.

Q. How do they work?
A. Once the tablets are placed in your fuel, the active ingredients are carried into the combustion chamber putting a micro-thin coating over the metal surfaces of the engine. This coating effect increases gas mileage, reduces harmful emissions and gives your car more power.

Q. How do I get the tablets in the fuel?
A. Simply, drop them in your fuel tank before fueling.

Q. How often do I use the tablets and how many do I use?
A. You use tablets each time you add fuel to your tank. You must use the tablets continuously to maintain the catalyst effect. The number you put in depends on the amount of fuel.
When you first use the product, you double the dosage, one (1) tablet for each 10 gallons of fuel. This is called the conditioning dose. After the conditioning dose, you then only treat the fuel for the gallons you add at a rate of 1 tablet for each 20 gallons of fuel, or, ¼ tablet for each 5 gallons of fuel. The tablets are scored in four (4) sections and are easy to divide.
For example: Your vehicle has a 30-gallon tank. The first time you use the product, you would put 3 tablets in the fuel tank, one (1) tablet for each 10-gallons of fuel = three (3) tablets. When you refuel, you put in 15 gallons. You would then put in ¾ of a tablet or 3 sections of a tablet, as the refueling dose is ¼ tablet for each 5-gallons of fuel.

Q. Do I have to use a special fuel?
A. No. Shot in the Gas™ tablets can be used in all grades of gasoline, diesel, and ethanol blends. In fact, an added benefit of the tablets is that they increase the octane level of the fuel so if you are using premium fuel, you can stop.

Q. Will the tablets harm my engine?
A. No. They are 100% safe. They will not harm your gaskets, seals, fuel system catalytic converter or any other engine part.

Q. Will the tablet void my warranty?
A. No. Using the tablets will not void any warranties on any new or used vehicles.

Q. Is the product registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency?
A. Yes. We are registered under 40 CFR 79.23 (Please note: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not, certify, endorse, or approve any product)

Q. Is this a fuel additive?
A. No. Shot in the Gas™ is an engine conditioner. They are actually good for your engine. They are completely safe and environmentally friendly. As information, some fuel additives contain harmful chemicals and detergents that can harm your engine.

Q. Has Shot in the Gas™ been tested?
A. Yes. This is not new technology. It has been around for 30 to 40 years. Tests have been conducted in both the laboratory and on the road. All tests show significant increases in fuel economy and engine performance.

Q. Why haven't I heard about this before?
A. It wasn?t cost effective to use the product until gasoline reached $2.00 a gallon.

Q. Can I use the tablets in my antique car?
A. Yes. Many of our clients have older cars and love the benefits. A lot of older cars used leaded gasoline and Shot in the Gas™ replaces a typical lead substitute. As stated earlier, the tablets also add octane to high compression engines, which increases performance as well as gas mileage.

Q. If I have a question that was not on your FAQ's page how do I reach you?
A. Email us on this link: Contact Us