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Who We Are

Shot in the GasTM is a publicly owned company focusing on best-in-class products.   Our focus is on quality, not quantity.  That is why we offer a limited line of products.   We believe in doing a few things very well rather than doing many things inadequately.

What We Do

Our Products

We provide cutting edge, proven products that will help two of the major problems in the world today:

  • The high cost of fuel
  • Global Warming.

Our products have been tested for millions of driven miles.   They have demonstrated that the technology with our combustion catalyst drastically improves fuel economy and performance, and reduces harmful emissions in gasoline and diesel vehicles. Our products are:

  • EPA registered
  • 100% environmentally friendly

Shot in the GasTM products WILL NOT:

  • Harm engines, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • Void vehicle warranties.

Get better fuel mileage, enjoy increased performance and reduce harmful emissions that are polluting the air we breathe.

Mission Statement

Shot in the GasTM is committed to becoming the world leader in retailing eco-friendly products that will help in the consumption of the world’s oil supply and in improving the quality of the air we breathe.
We are dedicated to make a global difference and we offer a means where anyone, anywhere, anytime can protect vital resources for future generations.
Shot in the GasTM will achieve this goal by offering premier products that are priced fairly and by providing the best service available to our clients.